We have undertaken a range of projects for industry and in collaboration with other University research areas.


Step into the role of a field medic needing to perform a REBOA procedure on an injured patient. 

Situational awareness training

Navigate dangerous situations through photo scanned environments, avoiding threats and completing objectives.

Sound escape

Bringing music and physical rehabilitation together, this project places users in a world of audio manipulation through large scale physical movements. 

Virtual museum

Enter a fully immersive museum experience, with several photo scanned real world pieces of history brought into the virtual world. 

Omni Base project

Built for Associate Professor Dominic Thewlis, a specialist in biomechanics, this project was the foundation for development with the Omni, an omni-directional treadmill which allows users to physically walk and run within immersive experiences. 

Scotch College

Built for the 100-year anniversary of Scotch College, this VR (Virtual Reality) experience accurately recreates one of its most beautiful historical buildings.

Reading Room

Created for the university library, this virtual tour allows remote visitors to explore this amazing space, and learn about some attributes of the contents.