Virtual Museum

Project overview

View the rare and unique collections the University of Adelaide cares for.  Working with exhibitions coordinator Amy Dale, we 3D scanned rare artefacts and optimised them for viewing in the virtual environment. 

Narration and information is provided as users navigate to each of the booths with the artefacts, Controls allow the user to interact with the items - not normally allowed in physical exhibitions – to do things like enlarge the artefact well beyond its actual real-world size and rotate it to see every detail. 

Amy Dale says “Although the museum is open to the public it is not as easily discoverable as we would like it to be. Digital experiences like this are certainly going to be a key part of our exhibitions program going forward.”

Visual media


  • Steven Cook 
  • Ethan Schoemaker
  • Amy Dale
  • Tristan Castle
  • Jordan English
  • Callum Smith