Sound Escape

Project overview

Focussing on movement rehabilitation and pain distraction for patients at the Northern Pain Rehabilitation Clinic, this cutting-edge VR music interaction system has been designed to give audible feedback on therapy movements, while simultaneously providing relief from the clinical settings that is often stressful for patients. 

To draw attention away from the reality of the clinical setting, a fully immersive environment set in the far reaches of outer space was created. Complete with floating asteroids and oversized musical instruments, users are able to sit back and enjoy expansive views without going outside.

Patients can interact with four musical compositions.  These musical pieces differ in genre and style, with two composed by Luke Harrald, a Senior Lecturer and composer specialising in sound immersion, and two composed by Steven Cook, a Senior Lecturer based in immersive technologies.

In addition to sound, patients can also draw in 3D while working with a volumetric sound system developed in house.  Using specially constructed controls, patients can draw in mid-air while interacting with sound.

Visual media


  • Steven Cook
  • Ethan Schoemaker 
  • Luke Harold
  • Tristan Castle