Project overview

Step into the role of a field medic needing to perform a high-stakes procedure on an injured patient. A fully interactive experience complete with procedure training and data recording for skills assessment.

This VR experience, funded by AES (Artificial Environment Simulations), pushes the boundaries of simulated surgical training.  Focussing on the pressures of conducting surgery in non-clinical settings, learners answer a series of questions, learn the basics within a simulated clinical setting, then conduct a surgery in the field.

REBOA (Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta) is a life saving tool used to support haemorrhage control in injured patients.

Assessments in relation to the time taken to complete the simulation and also the percentage of correct answers provide educational feedback to both the user and facilitators of the system.

A focus of the design was to make sure that the user would be conducting procedures using their own muscle motor movements. Users must physically move to pick up instruments and use them just as they would as they would in the physical world. This differs from many other digitally facilitated learning systems so that users practice the actual movements required.

Visual media


  • Steven Cook 
  • Ethan Schoemaker