Situational Awareness Training

Project overview

Navigate perilous situations through realistic re-creations of urban locations, avoiding threats and completing objectives in an immersive experience designed to test and train situational awareness.

We incorporate an authored gaze-tracking engine (designed to capture where the user is looking), and a volumetric capture engine (that allows for asynchronous playback of how the user is moving through the virtual reality world). These two systems work in unison to not only provide situation awareness measurement, but also provide a way to trigger real-time events and user-feedback.

All key objects viewed or interacted with are stored and saved by the program to assess the ability of the user.

We created the environments using a combination of photogrammetry, modern 3D modelling/texturing workflows, and sound capturing/placement techniques. 

Visual media


  • Steven Cook 
  • Ethan Schoemaker