Research Seminar: Experiences of Following within Senior Leadership Teams in Independent Schools

Abstract: This inquiry explores the phenomenon of following as experienced within the context of Senior Leadership Teams in Independent Schools. Following is a phenomenon that is not well-understood or researched (Davis, 2017; Tsaki & Jita, 2017; Khan, Busari, & Abdullah, 2018). Yet this phenomenon is typically taken for granted and has a significant impact on everyday experiences of Senior Leaders. Therefore the aim of this research inquiry is to explore ontological understandings of the phenomenon of following within the context of Senior Leadership Teams. Using a phenomenological research approach, it is envisaged that this research will contribute new insights into the experience of following that will be worthwhile for theory and practice. Additionally, it is hoped that the research will equip principals/heads with insights that will be of value, not only for Senior Leadership Teams but also for other teams within their schools. Although this proposed study may be limited to independent school environments, it might provide useful guidance for principals in other settings.

Biography: Carl Salt is a post-graduate research student, currently pursuing his PhD in Education. He has a well-established interest in leading and leaders. He is also actively engaged in developing the capacity of aspiring leaders in Independent Primary Schools in South Australia. Carl is currently the Head of Junior School in Adelaide (2004-Current). Prior to this he has worked in leadership positions in NSW. Carl has been a member of the Federal Executive for Independent Primary Schools Heads of Australia (IPSHA), the Chair of the AISSA Primary Group, the Chair and executive member of IPSHA SA, and is currently a member of the National Advisory Committee for the Australian Primary Principals Association.

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