Fast track your career development by learning to become a leader.


Study management at The University of Adelaide

Develop the skills needed to take on a management role in your future career. As a management student at The University of Adelaide, you will learn how to manage an organisation’s resources proficiently and effectively. Educate yourself to be a leader in your workplace with the ability to manage workloads and people.

As a management student you will:

  • Study the roles and functions of managers
  • Discover strategic planning and the science of decision-making
  • Explore corporate social responsibility and ethics
  • Learn to manage people, resources and projects
  • Interact respectfully in a culturally-responsive way with people of diverse cultural backgrounds
  • Gain workplace ready skills and add range to your resume.

A member of the group of Eight – a grouping of the most prestigious universities in Australia, The University of Adelaide has been recognised for excellence in research and teaching. As a management graduate you will have the developed communication, organisation and people management skills necessary to enter into management roles in your chosen career field.

Career Path

  • Management
  • Business
  • Human resources
  • International relations
  • Government agencies
  • Corporate executive
  • Project leader
  • Administration
  • Communications
  • Public relations

How can I study management?

You can choose Management as a major or minor in the following: