Art History and Visual Culture

Study diverse images and objects in their historical and cultural contexts.

Art History and Visual Culture

Study Art History and Visual Culture at The University of Adelaide

Study diverse images and objects: from paintings and sculpture, to street art and film, in their historical and cultural contexts. Explore the making, meaning, reception and consumption of historical and contemporary images and objects, and develop visual literacy in the areas of analysis, critical thinking, and persuasive communication skills.

As an Art History and Visual Culture student you will:

  • Learn how to analyse and interpret past and present images and objects
  • Develop specialist research skills for discovering answers to questions like: how are works of art and visual culture made? Who makes them? When were they made? How were they used? Who used them? What is the subject, and what does it mean?
  • Apply your knowledge and use appropriate digital technologies to curate an online exhibition of old or new media works of art.

Study Overseas

As a University of Adelaide student you will have access to over 100 overseas exchange programs around the world. The University of Adelaide has student exchange links with several universities including the College of William & Mary and Newcastle.  As a art history and visual culture student you can study overseas for one semester or one year and gain credit towards your University of Adelaide degree.

Career Path

  • Teaching
  • Heritage organisations
  • Auction houses
  • Arts administration
  • Arts promotion
  • Arts policy
  • Librarianship
  • Non-profit arts organisations

How can I study Art History and Visual Culture?