Creativity Drives Innovation. Innovation Drives the New Economy. 

The Sia Furler Institute elevates creative engagement with the rapidly changing economy of today. The goal of the Institute is to nurture and develop the next generation of business savvy creative artists, creative entrepreneurs and leaders of the future.

The Sia Furler Institute provides 4 areas of focus

  • Creativity,
  • Innovation,
  • Entrepreneurship, and
  • Leadership.

This institute combines the infrastructure for analytical thinking and excellence in Australia with daring innovation and creativity, experience and opportunity, providing the opportunities for young graduates to participate in shaping the future. The Institute achieves these goals through teaching, research, and engagement. 

The world is technologically accelerating at a rapid pace and many organisations struggle to adapt their strategies to the unfolding of the economic landscape. Those with artistic skills can participate in the narrative of the future by leveraging their creative skills in contexts beyond the traditional methods.

Sia is a multidisciplinary artist, innovator, and entrepreneur. Inspired by her example, The Sia Furler Institute for Contemporary Music and Media was founded in 2017 by the University’s Elder Conservatorium of Music.

Sia's message for the University of Adelaide

Adelaide-born, Sia Furler is one of Australia's most celebrated and successful creative artists. Through a succession of critically acclaimed and commercially successful songs, Sia has forged an international career at the highest level. As a performer and a singer-songwriter, her creativity extends equally to video and digital media and she has become an inspiration to a generation of young musicians the world over.

In recognition of Sia's outstanding achievements the University of Adelaide has established the Sia Furler Institute for Contemporary Music and Media.