The Sia Furler Institute for Contemporary Music and Media was founded in 2017, by the University’s Elder Conservatorium of Music. It was inspired by the spirit and work of Sia Furler, one of Australia’s most influential modern-day creative forces. 

Sia is a true disrupter, trend-setter, multidisciplinary artist, innovator, and entrepreneur. She engages and impacts the world in numerous ways—from singing and song writing to filmmaking and activism. Sia’s global influence extends well beyond her online presence, lighting a fire of inspiration in her audience. 

The Institute was born from the gauntlet Sia has thrown down—we help shape the world through music and media; creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship, through teaching, research, and engagement.

Learning and teaching

Learn how to integrate your study with the Sia Furler Institute, through subjects, masterclasses, and the Australian eChallenge High Note program.

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Engage with us

Get involved with the Sia Furler Institute, through events, live performances and podcasts, becoming a friend, becoming a business partner or helping grow industry connections.

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Creative Revolutionaries

Creative Revolutionaries is an ongoing series of presentations by some of the most fiercely visionary cultural creatives driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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Sia's message for the University of Adelaide

Adelaide-born, Sia Furler is one of Australia's most celebrated and successful creative artists. Through a succession of critically acclaimed and commercially successful songs, Sia has forged an international career at the highest level. As a performer and a singer-songwriter, her creativity extends equally to video and digital media and she has become an inspiration to a generation of young musicians the world over.

In recognition of Sia's outstanding achievements the University of Adelaide has established the Sia Furler Institute for Contemporary Music and Media.