Director Tom Hajdu will provide licensed patents to University of Adelaide students. Rather than merely researching the work of others, students will start from existing real-world platforms to create innovative works of their own.


Umbilical is a platform that provides event organisers with a wide range of ways to engage attendees via their smartphones.

Umbilical turns way-finding from a chore into an integral and compelling part of the event experience.

With well-defined and reliable geo-fencing, Umbilical allows event organisers to unlock specific functions and features as attendees move through mileposts in both space and time; supporting mini-games, contests, live video feeds, and direct messaging.

Umbilical consists of cloud-based server software and bespoke phone-application frameworks with well-documented APIs written for both IOS and Android.

This platform provides big data analysis opportunities during live events.

The Brain

The Brain is a multi-layered system for algorithmic music composition. It is designed to provide machine-learning handles to the problems of music analysis and music creation.

The Brain features a series of rigorous metrics for the general problems of harmony, rhythm, and melody so that transcriptions of any style or tradition of music can be digested into training datasets.

The Brain operates on music in symbolic (notated) form, includes robust support for transcription, and re-synthesis actual recordings and creatives exploration of timbral and stylistic hybridisation.

The Brain leverages these metrics to produce a wide range of fitness functions directly applicable to traditional genetic algorithmic approaches.

It is suitable for researchers interested in applying modern machine learning to music analysis and composition systems. 

The goal of research within the Sia Furler Institute is to help shape the future of South Australia and the rest of the world, as exemplified by these patents in machine learning and big data: