Events: School of Humanities

Geography Matters Workshop

Discover how we can live in a way that is good for both people and the planet. 

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Creative Writing Workshop

Navigate the relationships between author, text and audience. Interpret text, literary works and film.

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History Day Out

Explore the cultural, social, economic and political aspects of the lives of men and women throughout time.

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English Workshop

Explore a vast range of writing styles, think critically about poetry and reflect on stories and speeches composed by renowned figureheads.

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French Day Out

Develop an understanding and appreciation of French culture through language, film and food.

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Arts@Adelaide (2)

Arts @ Adelaide unearths the emerging opportunities within the areas of humanities, social sciences, teaching and music, all leading to diverse, rewarding and global careers.

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Words and Music for Iris

The J. M. Coetzee Centre for Creative Practice presents the Fringe show "Word and Music for Iris". This concert consists of a programme of songs mentioned in Iris Murdoch's novels—from Shakespeare songs to Mozart arias, from folk songs to jazz standards—with associated readings from favourite novels like The Sea, the Sea, The Philosopher's Pupil, The Bell and more. This event is adapted from a programme presented in July 2019 at the Iris Murdoch centenary conference in Oxford.

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Jane Austen: The French Connection

This concert is a unique performance of pieces from Jane Austen’s rich collection of manuscript music books in the grandiose setting of the Reading Room (Barr Smith Library).

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Linguistics Symposium - International Year of Indigenous Languages

The students in the Dept of Linguistics are keen to show their support for the International Year of Indigenous Languages by holding a Symposium on Thursday 14th November.

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German Day Out

The Faculty of Arts presents the 2019 Deutscher Tag (German Day Out).

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