Research Seminar: Publishing Realities

Dr John Willison, Senior Lecturer, School of Education

Presenter Dr John Willison, Senior Lecturer, School of Education

Publishing Realities: Dr John Willison

Academics and higher degree researchers are under the microscope. Successive Australian Governments have demanded increasing accountability for research funding, especially in terms of research outputs that demonstrate world-class leadership as well as local and broad impact.

One major part of the scrutiny of research outputs has been measures of quality and quantity of journal articles published. While the number of journals has skyrocketed, there are still relatively few journals that are regarded as above world standard. These journals have become the aspirational outlets for an expanding number of researchers. What should you do if you want to have your research published in such journals while keeping up an appropriate volume of outputs?

This seminar provides a forum to discuss publishing realities, including:

  • Rejection rates of highly regarded journals, including rejection by editors and by reviewers
  • Time spent on responding to reviewers
  • Strategies to increase acceptance, both early in the process and at the time of submission
  • Predatory journals


Dr John Willison is a Senior Lecturer and Director of the Bachelor of Teaching (Middle) and acting Associate Head, Research in the School of Education. His own research as a high school science teacher and at university working across disciplines has focused on the theme of developing students’ sophisticated thinking skills. From this research, he developed the Models of Engaged Learning and Teaching (MELT). He has held federal grants and National Teaching Fellowships to explore university and high school use of the MELT in science, and interdisciplinary STEM and HASS.

For further information about Dr Willison's research contact him here.

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