Enhancing Educational Outcomes group

The Enhancing Educational Outcomes group is a transdisciplinary team undertaking research projects on evidence-based approaches that can be used to have a positive impact on education and narrowing the gap in contemporary and emerging topics in education.

The group focuses on topics including assessment, measurement, and evaluation; governance, leadership, and management; character and wellbeing education.

The group has been researching assessment using fully immersive virtual reality scenarios and has recently ended the first stage of a project in this area with the Australian Government. We are also underway in a 5-year consultancy with the OECD on wellbeing.

Team Leader: Assoc. Prof Mathew White

Research team

Higher Degree Research Students

  • Bo Cui
  • Shaun Oakey
  • Stella Panozzo
  • Steve Cook
  • Richard Burton
  • David Isaacson


  • OECD
  • Australian Government
  • School of Psychology, University of Adelaide
  • School of Computer Science, University of Adelaide