The Charles and Frank Fenner Postgraduate Research Grants

The Charles and Frank Fenner Postgraduate Research Grants were established in 2009 at the University of Adelaide, as the result of a generous gift (‘donation’) from Emeritus Professor Frank Fenner CMG MBE AC (‘donor’) who graduated in medicine at the University of Adelaide in 1938.  

Following his death in November 2010, Professor Fenner ensured the fund became perpetual through a bequest left for the continuation of these grants. These Research Grants are for currently enrolled Masters by Research or Doctor of Philosophy students in the Discipline of Geography, Environment and Population at The University of Adelaide with a preference for primary field-based research. The Grants may be used for any research costs such as travel costs, purchase of equipment, purchase of data, data collection.

The number, and value, of each grant shall be determined annually by the Selection Committee but the total value awarded in any year shall not exceed $6,000. Individual grants in recent years have averaged approximately $1000.

In selecting the successful recipients, consideration shall be given to factors such as

a) Academic merit,  

b) The essential nature of the candidate’s research project and 

c) The likely benefit to be derived by the candidate and the University.

Grants can be paid direct to the candidates in one lump sum and must be used for the approved purpose or the University may reimburse the candidates upon the receipt of proof of purchase.

The Grants are administered by the Department of Geography, Environment and Population.

Review the rules for the Charles and Frank Fenner Postgraduate Research grants.

Due to current travel restrictions associated with Covid-19, applicants must ensure that their research can be adequately undertaken even if they are unable to travel. Grants must be utilised no later than 30th April, 2022. 

Applications open on Monday 23 August 2021 and close at midnight on 30 September 2021. A decision is expected within two weeks of the application.

Application form

Personal details

Current enrolment

Grant use

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Please provide details of the financial assistance sought in the following format:

Items (travel, purchase of data, purchase of equipment, data collection, other) Amount in $


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Allowed types: jpg pdf doc.

Research proposal

Please attach a detailed research proposal (1 page) outlining the research you will be undertaking if successful in obtaining a Charles and Frank Fenner Postgraduate Research Grant and the relevance of the research to your thesis topic.  

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20 MB limit.
Allowed types: jpg pdf doc.


Please ensure the following are included with your application. 


I confirm that the information given above is true and correct. I have read the rules governing the Charles and Frank Fenner Postgraduate Research Grants, and I undertake to comply with them if this application is successful.  

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