Inspire the next generation through teaching. Learn from world-class academics at South Australia's number 1 education institute for graduate employability*. 

Study teaching at The University of Adelaide

Prepare for a career in teaching with one of our four year double degrees. As a teaching student at The University of Adelaide, you will choose between a Middle or Secondary school career path and undertake two areas of specialised study. With yearly classroom placement and a strong network of teaching professionals and experts leading your education, you will graduate with the skills and confidence to immediately enter into a teaching position.

Students can take advantage of our partnership with Apple Aust. & NZ Inc. This e-Learning Program is designed to help you succeed as a contemporary teacher. The majority of Australian schools use technology for teaching and learning in the classroom on a daily basis. Schools are now expecting teachers to be capable and creative in the way they apply technology meaningfully through their teaching. Through the eLearning Program, you will become experienced in using the latest technologies for learning, and graduate as an innovative, inspiring educator with advanced skills for working in 21st-century classrooms.

The University of Adelaide is SA's highest ranked university for education, and in the top 100 worldwide. The University of Adelaide is South Australia's number one university for graduate employability and our degrees build a strong foundation for an outstanding career in education.

As a teaching student you will:

  • Choose between Middle (Years 7 -10) or Secondary (Years 8 -12) school teaching
  • Develop expertise in the two specialised subjects you intend to teach
  • Explore educational practices, issues and curriculum
  • Benefit from working with inspiring teachers and researchers
  • Gain professional experience and connections through extensive school placements
  • Become fully qualified to register as a teacher Australia-wide and internationally with a degree that is valid in most other countries.

Career path

  • Teaching
  • EAL teaching
  • Education profession
  • Business
  • Publishing
  • Administration
  • Media
  • Entertainment
  • Marketing
  • Research

How can I study teaching?