Spanish Studies

Throughout five continents and in over twenty countries: native Spanish speakers can be found in every reach of the world.


Study Spanish studies at The University of Adelaide

Spanish is the first language of over 400 million people and the second language of many more. As a Spanish studies student at The University of Adelaide, you will gain valuable practical language skills. Spanish will give you the flexibility to communicate in Central America, South American and Europe.

As a Spanish studies student you will:

  • Learn to read and write in Spanish
  • Gain the skills to listen and speak in Spanish
  • Develop an understanding and appreciation of Spanish culture
  • Study the Spanish influence in modern society
  • Improve your understanding of how language works
  • Have the opportunity to study abroad.

By learning another language you will set yourself apart from others in your future career. As a University of Adelaide Spanish studies student you will be offered a wealth of opportunities for your professional future with this diverse language.

Exchange programs

Practice your newly developed language skills and immerse yourself in a new culture with an international exchange! As a University of Adelaide student you will have access to over 100 overseas exchange programs around the world. You can study overseas for one or two semesters which counts as a credit towards your degree.

Career path

  • Teaching
  • International law
  • Diplomacy
  • Translation
  • Interpreter
  • Corporate executive
  • Tourism
  • Research

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