Sonic Arts

Blend all applications of contemporary technology to sound and music.

sonic arts

Study sonic arts at the University of Adelaide

Sonic arts combines all of the uses of digital technology in creating sound and music. As a sonic arts student at the University of Adelaide, you will use digital technology to identify how sound creation is accelerating the growth of the arts, entertainment, creative and media industries and transforming them into huge global enterprises.

Sound engineering will play a vital role in the future development of the music industry. Be there to absorb and experience this continuous change whilst you develop a strong foundation in digital technologies and their abilities. Classes in composition, studio recording, live performance and digital media will spawn creative flow whilst you write, perform and produce your own material.

As a sonic arts student you will:

  • Study sound theory and music history
  • Learn from international artists and industry professionals
  • Express yourself and collaborate on group performance projects
  • Gain 24/7 access to state-of-the-art production studios, recording rooms and digital audio laboratories
  • Explore composition, studio recording, live performance and digital media
  • Discover your interests with our range of electives including; sound engineering, music production, computer game audio, instrument building and software design.

Founded in 1962, The Elder Conservatorium’s Electronic Music Unit (EMU) is the oldest established electronic music studio in Australia. Additionally we have the largest community of technological, jazz, classical and commercial musicians in South Australia. As a sonic arts student at The University of Adelaide you will be fully immersed in creative culture, taught by international experts and be graduate-ready to take the music industry by storm.

Career path

  • Entertainer
  • Composer
  • Music software developer
  • Music technologist
  • Film composer
  • Performer
  • Recording artist
  • Sound artist
  • Sound designer
  • Video game music composer

How can I study sonic arts?

Sonic Arts student Jason Walker
"I have applied numerous concepts that I have learnt at University in my own personal work and hobbies. This course has also helped me refine my several potential career options into one, and I aim to find employment in the radio industry with my background in sound and music production."Jason Walker