Public Health

Improve the health of communities through research, education and policy.


Study public health at The University of Adelaide

Advocates of public health have a genuine influence on health policies and practices. As a public health student at The University of Adelaide, you will study the issues surrounding community health, learn about regulations which protect health and discover how policies can be created to support and enhance individual and community health efforts. You will also look into how populations and environmental factors impact public health and how to educate and empower others to identify potential risks.

As a public health student you will:

  • Discover health as a public issue in a community context
  • Examine the dynamics of power and inequality
  • Explore disadvantaged groups and how their health is addressed
  • Learn how to assist in the resolution of real-world problems
  • Develop critical thinking, writing, research and analytical skills.

Study public health and discover how to make a significant, positive impact in communities

Career Path

  • Public policy
  • Government agencies
  • Community development
  • International development
  • Human resources
  • Public relations
  • Community engagement
  • Youth worker
  • Journalism
  • Research

How can I study public health?

Public Health can be studied as a minor in the following:

Public Health at a postgraduate level is offered by the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.

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