Politics is polarising - discover how political argument can dissect the population and how formal structures are created.


Study politics at The University of Adelaide

Be exposed to politics at local, national and international levels. As a politics student at The University of Adelaide, you will discover how political systems are created and form the rules and regulations in our society. Identify and critically analyse public debates and study the division of power in a democracy, whilst you reflect and communicate your own views.

As a politics student you will:

  • Study political philosophy
  • Explore the Australian governmental structure
  • Discover the cause and effect of national politics and public policy
  • Learn about political systems around the world
  • Debate issues in domestic and international governments
  • Investigate the effects of international politics on Australia's own political system.

As a politics student, you will develop your critical thinking, debating and analytical skills. These skills will make you highly sought after by employers, especially in the government sector.

Study Overseas

A Study Tour 'Inside Singapore' is run in term 4 by Dr Benito Cao. Please find more information here.

Career path

  • Politics
  • Government agencies
  • International relations
  • Public policy
  • Journalism
  • Media
  • Community development
  • International development
  • Advocacy
  • Research 

How can I study politics?