Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Create solutions to big picture problems with a three-dimensional understanding of contemporary issues.


Study philosophy, politics and economics at the University of Adelaide

As a philosophy, politics and economics student at The University of Adelaide, you will engage in three unique disciples to explore some of the most difficult problems our society faces.

As a philosophy, politics and economics student you will:

  • Study broadly across all three areas before focusing on your chosen discipline
  • Explore the ethical dimensions of contemporary issues
  • Investigate intricate political and economic scenarios
  • Research and debate morality, freedom and social justice
  • Develop possible solutions to real-world problems
  • Gain access to unique insights from figures in industry and government.

As a student of philosophy, politics and economics at The University of Adelaide, your new-found skillset will be highly regarded internationally and is unique in South Australia. You will benefit from mentoring by industry specialists and researchers. With advanced knowledge in multiple disciplines, research experience and internships, you will stand out from the crowd.

Career path

  • Business
  • Politics
  • Economics
  • Journalism
  • Media
  • Community development
  • International development
  • Public policy
  • Government agencies
  • Research

How can I study philosophy, politics and economics?

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