Philosophy examines the deepest questions about what it is to be human, and what is involved in living a good and meaningful life.


Study philosophy at The University of Adelaide 

Philosophers seek to understand the nature of the world and our place in it. As a philosophy student at The University of Adelaide, you will be exposed to a wide range of big questions across many branches of philosophy, including: the scope and limits of human knowledge, the reality (or otherwise) of free will, the foundations of morality and justice, and the nature of the mind.

As a philosophy student you will:

  • Discover the rich history of philosophical thought while being up to date with the latest developments
  • Explore the big questions concerning reality, morality and meaning
  • Develop skills in analytical and rational thought, drawing on diverse sources of evidence
  • Gain critical reasoning skills to asses and defend your views
  • Learn how to craft persuasive arguments
  • Discuss and debate ideas with your peers – perhaps even join The University of Adelaide Philosophy Club, active on campus for more than 70 years.

Contributing to many areas of contemporary philosophy, the Philosophy Department at The University of Adelaide has a vibrant research culture and a distinguished history. We are committed to teaching and preparing our students with flexible skills, highly adaptable in the modern workforce. As a philosophy student, you will learn skills in constructive doubt and clear thinking; skills highly sought-after by employers.

Study Overseas

As a University of Adelaide student you will have access to over 100 overseas exchange programs around the world. The University of Adelaide has student exchange links with several universities including the College of William & Mary, Dalhousie, Simpson College, Essex and Southampton.  As a philosophy student you can study overseas for one semester or one year and gain credit towards your University of Adelaide degree.

Career path

  • Policy advisor
  • Government and public sector
  • Administration
  • Community development and social services
  • Media
  • Journalism
  • Writer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Education
  • Research

How can I study philosophy?

Returning to full-time study is the best decision I ever made. I struggled in my first degree over 40 years ago, so I am hugely enjoying doing it right second time around. Having been a lecturer myself for many years, I know how difficult it is to deliver top quality teaching, and I can appreciate being on the receiving end.Keith Dear