Music Composition

Develop your composition skills and style at the Elder Conservatorium of Music.

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Study music composition at The University of Adelaide

As a music composition student at The University of Adelaide, you will study a range of techniques and styles for composition, developing your own compositional voice. Become technically equipped and acquire mastery of the craft of composition in both classical and contemporary music.

As a music composition student you will:

  • Study form, harmony, counterpoint, orchestration, notation and text setting
  • Learn how to project a creative idea clearly to your audience
  • Discover your own compositional voice
  • Explore a broad and diverse range of musical repertoires and genres
  • Develop the practical aspects of composition such as notation, score presentation, use of instrumental and vocal resources, orchestration and music technology
  • Gain an understanding of the realities and expectations of a career in creative music-making.

Established in 1883, The Elder Conservatorium of Music at The University of Adelaide is the oldest tertiary music school in Australia and one of the country’s leading music institutions. As a Music Composition graduate you will be well equipped to pursue a career in composition whilst bringing your passion for music to life.

Career Pathways

  • Composer
  • Entertainer
  • TV/film score composer
  • Music critic
  • Music researcher
  • Music tutor
  • Recording artist
  • Songwriter

How can I study music composition?

* Note: entrance into the Bachelor of Music (Composition) is by audition.

Composition student Aaron Pelle
"Studying at the Elder Conservatorium of Music gave me] the chance to be able to study the craft of music with access to excellent resources, with like-minded students and teachers in an academic environment and confirmed my desire to continue in this creative field."Aaron Pelle