Mathematical Sciences

Solve real-world problems using mathematics.


Study mathematical sciences at The University of Adelaide

The world depends on mathematical science to help drive human progress. As a mathematical student at The University of Adelaide, you will study high-level mathematical and statistical training for careers in a variety of technology-led industries. Learn to analyse and interpret data, predict and model outcomes, and provide information to solve real-world problems using mathematics.

As a mathematical sciences student you will:

  • Advance your skills in logical thinking
  • Refine your creativity, professionalism and research skills
  • Develop fundamental statistical and mathematical knowledge
  • Gain the ability to create, collect, analyse and model data
  • Study abstract theories that reinforce modern science
  • Work on projects that apply mathematics to solve real-world problems.

A member of the group of Eight – a grouping of the most prestigious universities in Australia, The University of Adelaide has been recognised for excellence in research and teaching. As a mathematical sciences student you have the opportunity to learn from our award-winning researcher teachers in state-of-the-art facilities.

Career Path

  • Engineering consultant
  • Banking and finance
  • Telecommunications
  • State and federal government
  • Teaching
  • Data scientist
  • Business
  • Insurance companies
  • Game design
  • Research

How can I study mathematical sciences?

You can study Mathematics as an elective in most University of Adelaide Degrees, as part of a Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences, Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences (Advanced) or Bachelor of Mathematical and Computer Sciences, or as a major or minor in the following: