Marketing is a critical business function in any organisation.


Study marketing at The University of Adelaide

Marketing is a process through which a company identifies a customer's needs. As a marketing student at The University of Adelaide, you will learn how to plan, coordinate and direct advertising strategies and campaigns, and conduct market research to explore, establish and operate in markets for goods and services. Students also develop skills in public relations with a focus on marketing strategy and communications, consumer behaviour, brand management and international marketing.

As a Marketing student you will:

  • Explore and examine advertisements in a variety of media
  • Discover trends and consumer patterns with data analysis
  • Learn to prepare marketing reports and plans
  • Study how to apply market research to projects
  • Undertake investigative case studies
  • Gain the skills to predict current and future trends.

As a marketing graduate from the University of Adelaide, you will be fully prepared to advise on all elements of marketing. Our students perfect skills in communication and research, making them prime candidates for a wide variety of roles within marketing and many other industries.

Career path

  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Creative industries
  • Public relations
  • Campaign designer
  • Market research analyst
  • Sales and marketing
  • Visual merchandise
  • Communications
  • Publishing

How can I study marketing?

The Bachelor of Media degree is unique for a number of reasons. With a marketing major, you complete your study between two faculties; the humanities and the professions. This means you meet many more people and are combined with students who offer alternative views coming from Commerce or Economics programs. In a world where polarisation divides society to the extreme, having various viewpoints in a classroom setting is astoundingly valuable. Daniel Lyas, Associate at Amplified Intelligency and Bachelor of Media (Marketing) Graduate