Explore, investigate and communicate in a fast-paced environment.


Study journalism at The University of Adelaide

Relied upon to seek and communicate the truth, journalists have the potential to influence social views and opinions. As a journalism student at The University of Adelaide, you will focus on the fundamentals of gathering information and writing for all forms of new media. Experiment with multimedia approaches, online writing, mobile media, classic writing and print production.

As a journalism student you will:

  • Improve your storytelling abilities
  • Detect reliable and unreliable sources
  • Gain skills and confidence in interviewing
  • Manage tight and conflicting deadlines
  • Learn how to craft news narratives
  • Discover how to network and make crucial contacts.

As a student at The University of Adelaide, you will have the opportunity to undertake an industry placement through our Media Industry Transitions course. Our graduates are prepared for numerous professional roles with their varied and transferable journalism skills. Impress future employers with your strong skills set in writing, integrity, ethics and professionalism.

Career path

  • Journalist
  • Writer
  • Editor
  • Media advisor
  • Publishing
  • Investigative reporter
  • Radio journalist or reporter
  • Television journalist or reporter
  • Digital communications officer
  • Science or health communicator

How can I study journalism?

Journalism student Dale Carter
"This degree is fulfilling yet challenging. If you are one who is open to discussion and debate, likes to keep up with current issues and news, willing to challenge opinions and think outside of the box, this degree will tick all of your boxes. The degree has already opened doors for me in the media industry, and I haven’t even graduated yet."Dale Anninos-Carter