International Business

As our global connections strengthen and grow, we need to adapt how we do business.


Study international business at The University of Adelaide

In order to nurture and expand businesses in the future, a global outlook is required. As an international business student at The University of Adelaide, you will not only gain business skills, but an understanding of how to transfer them into an international market. With a basic concept of international business you will be ready to use your skills in a range of careers across the globe.

As an international business student you will:

  • Study a wide variety of courses designed to give you a strong foundation in all areas of business
  • Lean about the impact of global business and its importance to Australia
  • Discover the managing and marketing strategies across different cultures
  • Explore corporate responsibility in a global setting
  • Develop decision-making and leadership skills
  • Gain invaluable experience on overseas study tours.

A member of the group of Eight – a grouping of the most prestigious universities in Australia, The University of Adelaide has been recognised for excellence in research and teaching. As an international business graduate you will have a strong grasp of the commercial world and the skills to adapt in foreign environments. With the abilities to adjust and operate in a global setting there is no limit to where you be able to take your career.

Career Path

  • Business
  • Management
  • Finance
  • Commercial law
  • Marketing
  • Global trade
  • Business executive
  • Stock market
  • Research analysis
  • Public relations

How can I study international business?

You can choose International Business as an elective in many University of Adelaide degrees, or as a minor in the following: