Immersive Media - Virtual Reality

Augment your career reality while learning all about virtual reality

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Study Immersive Media at the University of Adelaide

The immersive media wave is growing, with virtual, augmented and mixed reality set to explode. Exciting opportunities are emerging everywhere—from marketing, entertainment and digital art, to training and education. And then there’s gaming, which now generates over $134 billion annually.

Our Bachelor of Media (Immersive Media) gives you the skills and knowledge to ride the VR, AR and MR career wave.

As an Immersive Media student you will:

  • Gain broad knowledge and understanding of the media industry and digital storytelling
  • Build a suite of VR, AR and MR creative and technical skills
  • Develop a firm grasp of gaming theory, history and production - you will learn about the technical aspects (art, coding differences, restrictions), the business side (corporate structures, cost of develop then and now, comparative elements) and the social implications (gender bias and demographics throughout modern history).
  • Asset generation including 3D Modelling, Rigging/Animation, Digital Sculpting, PolyEdits and Texturing
  • Work with high-quality technology

Career path

  • Digital games
  • Film
  • Virtual reality
  • Creative industries
  • Entertainment industry
  • Education and training
  • Research

Callum Smith

I originally chose Immersive Media due to my passion for video games. I saw the future of the industry taking advantage of the capabilities within Virtual Reality. However, over the last two years I have grown more interested in the developmental and education aspects. I hope to work for a design company working in the realms of Virtual Reality. Whether that is Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality or all of the above is yet to be seen but working in an environment that is up to date with the latest technologies is a dream I hope to put into reality. Immersive media helps me by simulating what its like to be put into those work environments. I believe it has been a fundamental reason as to why this course has been so successful. Giving students a test run is one of the best ways to get them prepared for real work. The hands-on action within the course sets itself apart from other University courses. Being given the opportunity to create, fail and succeed is what drove me forward to continue to improve what I could do within the course, and all of this came from being able to jump straight into the development process.

How can I study immersive media?