Learn to direct the choices of individuals, businesses, and governments.


Study economics at The University of Adelaide

Economics offers an outline for good decision making. As an economics student at The University of Adelaide, you will explore human behaviour and its consequences in a world with limited resources. Discover the criteria used to measure the outcomes and how to confirm that decisions are 'good' from a social viewpoint.

As an economics student you will:

  • Gain insight into how businesses are structured and compete
  • Explore "the economy" and how society and community interact to form it
  • Learn about microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics
  • Research international economics like the China boom and what effects they have on Australia
  • Discover how to think logically and analytically and how to write concisely
  • Specialise in your area of interest, including environmental economics, international studies and accounting.

The University of Adelaide offers the widest range of courses in economics in South Australia. As an economics student you will gain the ability to think analytically and strategically. With these critical skills you will be able to showcase good decision-making in the business world, and at all levels of government.

Career Path

  • Economist
  • Business
  • Government agencies
  • Public policy
  • Community development
  • International development
  • Financial development
  • Journalism
  • Stock market
  • Research

How can I study economics?

You can study Economics as an elective in most University of Adelaide degrees, as part of a Bachelor of Economics, or as a major or minor in the following:

Economics at a postgraduate level is offered by the Faculty of the Professions.

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