Digital Humanities

The digital revolution has only just begun.


Study digital humanities at The University of Adelaide

Digital humanities combines humanities and social science subjects with new technologies to prepare for the future work place. As a digital humanities student at The University of Adelaide, you will mix your creative talents with computer science. By blending together new technologies with communication and creativity, you will be prepared for the digital age of the future.

As a digital humanities student you will:

  • Research the relationship between society and technology
  • Think critically about technology and its global impact
  • Develop your creative skills with new technologies
  • Use digital technology to problem solve
  • Explore how digital technologies are changing our world at an ever-increasing pace
  • Discover how digital technologies are being used to study society and the human condition.

As a digital humanities student you will be studying within a faculty awarded a 5-star teaching quality in communication and media studies.

Career path

  • Journalism
  • Media
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Policy design and advising
  • Teaching
  • Government agencies
  • Data analyst
  • Science communication
  • Entrepreneurship

How can I study digital humanities?