Cultural Studies

Cultural studies covers important current issues in our fast-paced and changing world.


Study cultural studies at The University of Adelaide

Explore the complex and diverse influences cultures have on modern-day society. As a cultural studies student at The University of Adelaide, you will learn about the political, social, historical and economic effects of different cultures. From gender studies to Indigenous culture and history, study a range of topics and experience the diverse influence and effects of cultures.

As a cultural studies student you will:

  • Lean about a diverse array of cultures and how they change over time
  • Discover how cultural practices are made, spread and exchanged
  • Explore how we recognise ourselves and others through film, social media and literature.
  • Interact respectfully in a culturally-responsive way with people of diverse cultural backgrounds
  • Advance your written and communication skills
  • Develop critical thinking and analytical skills.

By undertaking cultural studies at The University of Adelaide you will gain an understanding of how to encourage social change. Perfect your communication as well as critical and independent thinking skills, while attracting future employers with your unique approach to high ethical standards and the ability to work within a range of diverse cultures.

Career path

  • Community development
  • Government agencies
  • Public policy
  • Advocate
  • Teacher
  • Media
  • Indigenous and refugee agencies
  • Aid worker
  • Tourism
  • Researcher

How can I study cultural studies?