Study crime and deviance while pursuing practical solutions to the problems of crime.


Study criminology at The University of Adelaide

Criminology focuses on why people commit crime and the social responses to it. As a criminology student at The University of Adelaide, you will consider the way crime is represented in our culture. With a primary focus on the sociology of crime, you will also look at methods of crime prevention.

As a criminology student you will:

  • Examine the criminal justice system, crime and deviancy
  • Use critical and creative thinking to solve crime-related problems
  • Discover the influence crime has on policy and public opinion
  • Explore practical crime prevention tactics
  • Research surveillance practices in contemporary society
  • Gain insight into new and existing antisocial behaviours.

As a student of criminology, you will have the opportunity to study crime and deviancy from different angles including sociology, cultural studies and law to the growing field of crime science.

Study Overseas

As a University of Adelaide student you will have access to over 100 overseas exchange programs around the world. The University of Adelaide has student exchange links with several universities including Cardiff, Simpson College, Oslo and Southampton. As a criminology student you can study overseas for one semester or one year and gain credit towards your University of Adelaide degree.

Career path

  • Operational professions in the criminal justice system (policing, security, intelligence, corrections and court administration)
  • Critical welfare and support roles which enhance enhance outcomes for victims, offenders and the community at large
  • Policy-making, research, education or entrepreneurial roles for a diverse cast of employers including Commonwealth, state or local government agencies, universities, schools and various other training or service providers
  • In addition, some graduates also choose to combine their studies in Criminology with Psychology, Law, Forensics Medicine, Digital Media, or Environmental Policy and Management and chart a career that takes advantage of both unique skill sets (e.g. psychologist, lawyer, forensics).

How can I study criminology?

"Studying the Bachelor of Criminology has allowed me to learn about different areas of crime and deviance from both a social and scientific perspective. My degree has increased my knowledge in an area which I’m fascinated in, making my life at university enjoyable and rewarding."Gabriella Kerr


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