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Your heart says to follow your passion. Pursue a career you love. Chase your dreams. At a vibrant campus where you feel you belong. Your head is rational. It says you need the university with the best reputation and world-class facilities. Where you’ll learn from world -leading academics and be part of an elite group with the top employability skills.

At the University of Adelaide, you can have it all. HERE and NOW.


Investigate policing and crime prevention techniques

Research surveillance practices in contemporary society. Find out how analysing big data is challenging the way we gather intelligence on criminal behaviour.


Explore practical crime prevention tactics

Examine and debate criminal and anti-social behaviour.

A career path with multiple opportunities

  • Operational professions in the criminal justice system (policing, security, intelligence, corrections and court administration)
  • Critical welfare and support roles which enhance outcomes for victims, offenders and the community at large
  • Policy-making, research, education or entrepreneurial roles for a diverse cast of employers including Commonwealth, state or local government agencies, universities, schools and various other training or service providers
  • In addition, you can choose to combine your studies in Criminology with Psychology, Law, Forensics Medicine, Digital Media, or Environmental Policy and Management and chart a career that takes advantage of both unique skill sets (e.g. psychologist, lawyer, forensics).

Leigh Freeman

Bachelor of Criminology

"The assessments have been really interesting and engaging, whether assessing how the economics of crime and culture relate to criminal culture, or the opportunity to analyse crimes in the media, I have been able to apply my experience and skills, practically and theoretically. The lecturers and teaching staff are also very supportive, taking the time to share their knowledge, experiences and are accessible and happy to spend time with students."

Gabriella Kerr

Bachelor of Criminology

"Studying the Bachelor of Criminology has allowed me to learn about different areas of crime and deviance from both a social and scientific perspective. My degree has increased my knowledge in an area which I’m fascinated in, making my life at university enjoyable and rewarding."

How can I study criminology?