Commercial Music and Songwriting

Fast-track your career in song writing and commercial music production.


Study commercial music and song writing at The University of Adelaide

Build a portfolio of skills that are vital for independent artists whilst you develop and your musical art under the guidance of our elite teaching staff at the Elder Conservatorium of Music.  As a commercial music and song writing student at The University of Adelaide, you will focus on contemporary music writing and performing, learn the intricacies of sound recording and production, cover major aspects of music theory and learn business skills to assist you in your career.

As a commercial music and song writing student you will:

  • Develop song writing and composition skills
  • Explore sound recording and production, music theory, and business
  • Build your creative, technical and professional skills
  • Create and showcase your original work
  • Gain real industry experience
  • Attend presentations by music guests with international profiles and learn from active professionals.

Established in 1883, The Elder Conservatorium of Music at The University of Adelaide is the oldest tertiary music school in Australia and one of the country’s leading music institutions. As a commercial music and song writing graduate you will be open to diverse careers within the music industry, creative industries or business. Additionally, our Sia Furler Institute for Contemporary Music and Media offers courses with a unique blend of music and media.

Career path

  • Performer
  • Song writer
  • Lyricist
  • Recording artist
  • Producer
  • Film composer
  • Games music composer
  • Film and TV music
  • Music technologist
  • Sound designer

How can I study commercial music and song writing?

You can choose Song Writing as an elective in most degrees at the University of Adelaide, or as a major or minor in the following: