Bachelor of Teaching (Middle or Secondary)

Your best decisions are made with your head and your heart.

Your heart says to follow your passion. Pursue a career you love. Chase your dreams. At a vibrant campus where you feel you belong. Your head is rational. It says you need the university with the best reputation and world-class facilities. Where you’ll learn from world -leading academics and be part of an elite group with the top employability skills.

At the University of Adelaide, you can have it all. HERE and NOW.


Prepare for a fulfilling career

Choose a middle (years 7-10) or secondary (years 8-12) teaching career path and undertake two areas of specialised study. You can combine your teaching degree with a degree in arts, science, music or mathematical and computer science.


Graduate ready to enter the classroom

You'll be participating in yearly classroom placements, and a strong network of teaching professionals and experts leading your education, you will graduate with the skills and confidence to immediately enter the classroom.


Take advantage of our exclusive partnership

We have partnered with Apple Aust. & NZ Inc to bring you the only Apple eLearning program on offer in Australia, allowing you to graduate as a 21st century teacher. In addition, we offer internships at Apple schools before your placement.

What kind of teacher would you like to be?


Luke Mollet - Bachelor of Teaching (Middle)

"I chose middle years teaching because I felt as thought it would allow for more creativity in the class room, to actively have students engage in fun, creative class work. I believe we have a variety of world class educators, passing on their knowledge to really prepare us for the workforce."


Imogen Cox - Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary)

"I loved science at school, and had really enjoyed volunteering with kids so I really wanted to go into teaching. I also think a lot about the future and educating the Australians of tomorrow to better our country. What makes my degree unique is all that is being done to encourage our engagement and use of technology. My degree offers so much professional engagement - it’s not just about the content, but also how to fully prepare for a career."


Olivia Keatch

Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary) with Bachelor of Science

"The Internship Program has given me an amazing opportunity to learn as much as possible about teaching before I enter the workforce. The program allowed me to work with the students months before my placement. So when placement began I had already built student-teacher relationships, taught successful lessons and prepared content for teaching. The staff I worked with have been great mentors for my teaching practice; their support, advice, encouragement and enthusiasm has helped me grow as a teacher. I am so thankful to have been a part of this program and would highly recommend it for all pre-service teachers."


Jack Stewart

Bachelor of Teaching (Middle) with Bachelor of Science

I would first like to thank you for the support and guidance you have given myself and the 2020 teaching cohort across this year. It has been a challenging time for everyone and we could have not done it without the tireless effort from you and the education team. I feel lucky to have had my placement completely unaffected by the circumstances of this year, and I believe this is a result of your hard work in organising and negotiating our placements within the schools around Adelaide. 

I loved my placements at Heathfield High School this year. It was a fantastic school to work at across Professional Experience A and B and I felt extremely well supported by my mentors, the staff and my uni liaisons. 

This year was fantastic for me and I could not have asked for a better placement experience, or more support from the education staff at the University of Adelaide. 

How can I study teaching?