Australian Studies

Explore and learn from Australia’s past, present and future.


Study Australian studies at The University of Adelaide

Australian studies looks at human rights, social justice and gender and how Australia reacts to them. As an Australian studies student at The University of Adelaide, you will take a deep look into the identity of Australia as a nation, and its inhabitants. Australian studies explores the culture and diversity of Australia with a focus on Indigenous experiences.

As an Australian studies student you will:

  • Discover how Australia has found its identity through social and cultural practices
  • Take notice and ask questions based on difference, value and rights
  • Explore matters of social justice, gender, and human rights
  • Focus on the Indigenous, migrant and refugee experience in Australia
  • Learn about Australia’s Indigenous languages and their place within Australian society
  • Interact respectfully in a culturally-responsive way with people of diverse cultural backgrounds.

We pride ourselves on our collaboration with Indigenous peoples across Australia. Our Linguistics Department has played an active role in Indigenous Language Revitalisation projects through their work with Kaurna Warra Pintyanthi. As an Australian studies student you will gain intercultural abilities and skills for employing change in Australia.

Career path

  • Community development
  • Government agencies
  • Public policy
  • Advocate
  • Teacher
  • Media
  • Indigenous and refugee agencies
  • Aid worker
  • Tourism
  • Researcher

How can I study Australian studies?