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Have you ever considered studying overseas? Did you know there are many overseas experiences available to students in the Faculty of Arts? 

Study overseas with the Faculty of Arts

As a student of the Faculty of Arts, you have the opportunity to experience study in many different global experiences.

There are many options to consider, including an exchange with one of our partner universities, a short-term trip or, you could even organise your own experience.

  • How do I apply?

    Study Overseas is your first stop when considering an overseas study experience. They can help you with the application process and confirm whether you meet the basic eligibility requirements.

    You can then contact the Faculty of Arts for information regarding how to fit an overseas experience into your study plan.

  • Can I study Arts electives overseas?

    Yes! We recommend saving as many of your Arts electives as possible as it is usually easier to receive approval for overseas courses towards Arts electives.

  • I am a Bachelor of Teaching student. Can I go on exchange?

    Because of your degree structure and the requirement to complete your core education courses at the University of Adelaide, it is not recommended that you go on exchange for more than one semester. Please contact the Faculty of Arts about fitting an exchange into your study plan.

  • Can I study core/language courses overseas?

    Students are required to meet with the relevant Program Coordinator/Discipline Advisor to approve and sign the Exchange Specified Approval Form  if they would like to substitute an overseas course for a University of Adelaide language, culture or core course.  Students need to return this form to the Arts Office before we will submit your faculty approval.

  • Can I study my capstone course on exchange?

    No. The capstone for your major(s) needs to be completed at the University of Adelaide.

  • How can I fund my overseas experience?

    Financial assistance for studying overseas could be available to you through OS-Help, the University's Study Overseas Travel Grant or through a variety of scholarships. For updated information visit the Study Overseas Funding page.

  • How does the credit transfer process work?

    Your overseas transcript will be sent from your host institution to the Study Overseas office (this can take several months).

    Study Overseas will then forward your transcript to the Faculty of Arts for the credit transfer processing.

    If you do not notice the credit transfer within four weeks of receiving your transcript from your host university, please contact the Faculty of Arts.

  • What if I fail a course while studying abroad?

    You will receive a grade of NFE (No Formal Examination). Your transcript will show a 'credit note' which outlines the type of credit you are awarded.

    Exchange study does not count towards your Grade Point Average (GPA), however you will often need to show your transcript to potential employers, and include it in your application for further study, so it is a good idea to do your best and keep your transcript in a safe place.

  • Can I study Spanish language or culture on exchange?

    Students are unable to receive approval for credit for Spanish language or culture courses taken at Pompeu Fabra University (exchange partner) or any university in Catalonia (self-reporting, etc). Any student seeking credit for Spanish language or culture courses should select an alternative partner. This is a decision of the Department of Spanish Studies.

Japanese on exchange

Further your language skills and cultural experiences in Japan. Find out more about eligibility requirements here.

Obtain credit towards your degree 

Credit for your  study exchange is awarded in accordance with the University’s Academic Credit Arrangements Policy.

It is your responsibility to ensure any global experience you wish to undertake is eligible to be counted towards your degree’s academic requirements. In the case of electives, approval will still need to be obtained to ensure the courses are equivalent to your University of Adelaide courses.

You should review both your study plan and program rules for further information. 

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