Arts peer mentors

Meet the Faculty of Arts peer mentors for 2020.

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Frattini, Rachel.JPG

Rachel Frattini

Hi! My name is Rachel. I’m a mature age student at the University of Adelaide, studying psychology and sociology. I was a student here many years ago and my daughter is also a current student. I have really enjoyed my return to study, it’s been a fantastic experience. In the future, I hope to put my studies to good use to find employment where I can be useful and help people. In my spare time, I’m passionate about travel, books and cooking, but, when I need to switch off for a while, Netflix on the couch with my cat or a walk with my dog at the beach is the best kind of relaxation for me.  


Eugene Suleau

Hi there, my name is Eugene and I have almost completed a Bachelor of Media, and I am interested in the growing power of social media. I am a committed bike rider, Beatles fan, and a long-time supporter of the North Melbourne football club. I have loved his time at the University of Adelaide and as I near the end of his undergraduate study, I am is focussed on helping new students get the most out of theirs.

St John, Billy.JPG

Billy St John

Hey Everyone, my name is Billy and I am in my second year of a Music Education degree. As a mature age student I was a little nervous about studying full time, but I have found all social and learning experiences on campus very enjoyable and positive. I want to help new students (young and old!) settle into Uni with ease and hopefully make them feel welcome and comfortable in their new learning environment. I enjoy spending time on campus and in the city. I’m always keen for a coffee or a cold drink and am always happy to spend time with friends. In my spare time I like to cook, take walks, watch TV, enjoy a musical and even sing karaoke! I look forward to being able to help other students in and around the university. 


Joseph Aquilina

Hi, my name is Joseph and I study a Bachelor of International Relations with a minor in international development. I'm currently in my third and final year of Uni. In my spare time you will find me either hiking, cycling or going to the gym.


Zhong, Yihang (Jimmy).JPG

Jimmy Chong

Hiya! I'm Jimmy, currently enrolled in Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Teaching, majoring in English as an Additional Language (EAL) teaching and minoring in maths teaching. I'm about to start my 2nd academic year study. Outside of university work I enjoy sports involving tennis, table tennis, badminton and volleyball, and on the other hand, literary translation (I have recently translated Australian writer Amy Witting's novel "I For Isobel" into Chinese). Having successfully applied for being a peer mentor member, I'm keen to help all new students to grow and integrate into new environment. I'm always inclusive and welcome to meet up with you in campus and discuss academic program or anything that you struggle with.


Anita Chaplin

Hiya, I'm Anita, a 2nd year Law and International Relations student at the University of Adelaide. Mocha's are my weakness, and I love curling up with a good book and watching way too much Netflix.


Cox, Todd.JPG

Todd Cox

Hello! My name is Todd and I am studying a Bachelor of Arts and Education. I am majoring in French and minoring in Chinese. I have also previously completed a BA with majors in History and English. I enjoy learning about history and believe in social and environmental justice. In my spare time, I love being in the company of friends (both pre-existing and soon to be), reading, writing, learning, playing guitar and keyboard and watching television shows and films. I am an openly gay man and try to be as inclusive and welcoming as possible in my language and behaviour. If you ever see me at a stall or event for the peer mentors program or even if you see me just around on campus, please feel free to come say hi and have a chat about the program or Uni life more generally. 


Emma Cresdee

Hi, I’m Emma. I am studying a Bachelor of Sociology and am in my final year. I really enjoy talking about and tackling the issues of social change. Apart from that I like to play piano, kayak and play around a bit with languages.

Fernandez, Taylor.JPG

Taylor Fernandez

Hi guys! My name is Taylor and I am in my third year at uni. I am studying a Bachelor of Media (Journalism), a Diploma of Arts in English, and a Diploma of Languages in Italian Studies. My interests are literature, journalism, and fashion. I have joined the Peer Mentoring Program because I know how daunting starting at university feels. The program is a great initiative to learn about the uni and meet new friends!


Beth Williams

Hello! My name is Beth. I am currently in my second year of a Bachelor of Arts, with majors in Sociology and Psychology. I love the broad-scope, flexibility and relevance of my university degree to my everyday life. I especially enjoy how sociological approaches can be utilised in many different areas, including psychology- which makes them a great pair. Outside of uni I work at an OSHC and enjoy doing yoga and getting outdoors- hiking, bike-riding and rock climbing. 

Kepes, Izabella.JPG

Izabella Kepes

Hey there! I’m Izabella, an Arts Peer Mentor studying a Bachelor of Secondary Teaching with a Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences and a minor in history. Having just commenced my second year at the University of Adelaide I’ve also been a part of the Adelaide Uni Salsa Club, an inclusive and fun way to learn Latin dance and de-stress. Plus it’s a fantastic way to meet new friends and stay social during the busy periods of the year!


Luke Mollet

Hi there! My name is Luke, And i am a Peer Mentor for 2020. I am currently in my 2nd year of a Bachelor of Teaching (Middle) / Bachelor of Arts Double Degree. My interests and hobbies include travelling to new places, both internationally and domestically, basketball, where i play at a district level with Central District Lions, and music! (Guitar especially). I am really looking forward to the chance to meet some of you, and kick off 2020 by helping you guys and girls where I can.