Follow your passion of arts with a master's course specifically designed to refine and grow your skills.

"My degree qualifies me to read, write and speak 3 languages other than English and I believe that this opens up a multiplicity of opportunities. I know future employers will appreciate the value of the skills that my degree has given me, as well as the institution that it has come from."Jessica McEwen

Study a Master of Arts at The University of Adelaide

The Master of Arts is designed to provide graduates the opportunity to think, perform and grow to new levels, while developing advantageous transferable skills. Students benefit from small group learning and regular close contact with research active academic mentors to produce high quality academic work.

Complete 12 units worth of core courses in your chosen discipline, and produce a thesis also worth 12 units, to pursue your interests in greater depth. Take elective courses from outside your primary discipline area to develop cross-disciplinary thinking and the ability to apply your knowledge to complex problem solving.

Unique to this degree is a 6 unit internship that provides students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in an organisation related to their career aspirations.

The Master of Arts program consists of core research courses and a thesis. Choose from one of four specialist areas:

  • Creative practice in music (extension pathway only)
  • Environmental studies
  • Global media
  • International relations

Use this program as a projection into further studies such as a doctorate.

Career options

  • Ministerial adviser
  • Music journalist / music critic
  • Music teacher
  • Natural resource planner
  • Non-government organisation worker
  • Parliamentary adviser
  • Policy adviser
  • Environmental consultant
  • Environmental management
  • Project officer
  • Resource management
  • Foreign affairs

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