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Professor Edward Said

Professor Edward Said

About the Edward Said Memorial Lecture

The Edward Said Memorial Lecture, ESML, is a University of Adelaide annual public lecture to honour the memory of a path-breaking scholar, courageous advocate, passionate critic and an unfailing humanist, the late Edward Said. The lecture was proposed by the Australian Friends of Palestine Association (AFOPA) who are proud sponsors of this lecture.

The inaugural lecture was delivered on October the 1st 2005 by Dr Robert Fisk of the UK Independent. The 2006 Lecture was delivered on October 7th by the world renowned linguist, author and media commentator, Professor Tanya Reinhart. The 2007 Lecture was delivered on October 6th by the author, academic and commentator, Dr Ghada Karmi. The 2008 Lecture was delivered on October 11th by the author, political economist and scholar, Dr Sara Roy. The 2009 Lecture was delivered on September 19th by Palestinian-American author and academic, Professor Saree Makdisi. The 2010 Lecture was delivered on October 9th by British-Pakistani author and political commentator, Tariq Ali. In 2011, Prof Noam Chomsky delivered a lecture to a capacity crowd in the Adelaide Town Hall, while in 2012 a well known Israeli historian, activist and commentator, Professor Illan Pappe of Exeter University was the speaker.

The lecture is organized by a steering committee made of academics from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, public figures and representatives of AFOPA. The lecture is held every year close to the beginning of October and is delivered by high profile intellectuals who transcend the gap of academia and public discourse.

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