Department of Sociology, Criminology & Gender Studies

Sociology, Criminology & Gender Studies are fields that help us think and question critically and empathetically about society, what changes, what remains the same and whether it is fair. 


Sociology scrutinizes everyday life, how society is organised and the social problems that arise. Criminology analyses crime and deviance. Gender Studies explores the way society is organised around gender.

  • Our teaching

    We teach students how to be critical thinkers and questioners. Our programs have a rigorous social science methods focus that provide the skills required to examine social issues through quantitative and qualitative research methods.

    Sociology covers a wide range of social issues, exploring the assumptions that lie behind key questions. Criminology focuses on understanding why people commit crimes and the social responses to it, including attempts at control. Gender Studies examines femininities, masculinities, and the ways in which gender intersects with other dimensions of power, privilege, and inequality, such as sexuality, race, ethnicity, and social class.

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  • Our people



    Dr Pam Papadelos Head of Department
    Senior Lecturer
    Undergraduate Discipline Advisor, Gender Studies
    Dr Russell Brewer Senior Lecturer
    Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Bachelor of Criminology
    Honours Convenor, Criminology

    Postgraduate Coordinator
    Dr Nathan Manning Senior Lecturer
    Undergraduate Discipline Advisor, Sociology
    Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Bachelor of Sociology
    Dr Dee Michell Senior Lecturer
    Student Support Academic Mentor (School of Social Sciences)
    Dr Ruthie O'Reilly Scholarly Teaching Fellow
    Undergraduate Discipline Advisor, Criminology
    Dr Djordje (George) Stefanovic Senior Lecturer
    Honours Convenor, Sociology
    Dr Anna Szorenyi Lecturer
    Professor Megan Warin Professor
    Honours Convenor, Gender Studies
    Director, Fay Gale Centre for Research on Gender
    Dr Kirsty Whitman Scholarly Teaching Fellow
    Dr Tyson Whitten Lecturer
    Dr Tanya Zivkovic ARC Future Fellow
  • Our research

    The Department of Sociology, Criminology are involved in a range of high impact research.

    Staff in the Department of Sociology, Criminology are involved in a range of research projects including:

    • the cultural and institutional processes that shape everyday food and activity practices
    • experience of foster care in Australia from the perspective of those involved, including the children
    • obesity and other eating disorders
    • debates about refugees and trafficking
    • migration and Australian identity
    • political sociology including young people’s relationship with politics and manifestations of ethnic conflict
    • cybercrime, youth delinquency, crime prevention and policing
    • death, dying and end-of-life decision-making

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