Department of Politics and International Relations

The Department offers cutting-edge approaches to analysing how power operates in Australian society and beyond. We critically assess political institutions and practices in both domestic and international contexts.


The world is confronted with complex political problems that need to be analysed and met with creative solutions. We train our students to do that and also to become better informed about the world.

  • Our teaching

    Our world-class researchers teach across Australian politics, international relations, political theory, security studies, comparative politics, political economy and environmental politics.

    Our courses consider a wide range of actors, including governments, political leaders, international organisations, non-governmental organisations, political parties, transnational corporations and terrorist groups.

    We examine democracy, populism, extremism, liberalism, war and peace, human rights, foreign policy making, national security, terrorism, cyber politics, globalisation, trade, identity politics, citizenship, public policy, political systems and institutions, ethics and justice and climate change. Expect to explore these issues through the lens of our cutting-edge research.

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  • Our people



    Dr Priya Chacko Head of Department
    Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations
    Undergraduate Discipline Advisor
    Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Bachelor of International Relations
    Dr Benito Cao Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations
    Dr Melissa-Ellen Dowling Research Fellow

    Professor Timothy Doyle

    Professor in Politics

    Professor Lisa Hill

    Professor in Political Theory and Democratic Participation
    Research Leader

    Associate Professor Tim Legrand

    Associate Professor in Politics and International Security

    Dr Nikola Pijovic Research Fellow

    Dr Tiziana Torresi

    Lecturer in Political Theory
    Honours Convenor
    Postgraduate Coordinator

    Student Support Academic Mentor (School of Social Sciences)

    Dr Czeslaw Tubilewicz

    Senior Lecturer in International Relations and China/Taiwan Studies

    Professor Joanne Wallis Professor of International Security
    Postgraduate Program Coordinator, Master of International Security
  • Our research

    Our research includes Australian politics, international relations, political economy, global governance, electoral studies, political theory, human rights, corruption gender and sexuality, political leadership, global justice, radicalization and terrorism, cyber politics and cyber security, identity politics, citizenship, migration, populism and environmental politics.

    We also specialise in the politics and international relations of the United States, Europe and the Indo-Pacific, including the rising powers of China and India.

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