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All departments in the School of Social Sciences offer an Honours program. An Honours program is a fourth year of an undergraduate degree.

Honours is a specialist qualification that is the culmination of a course of studies in a department.

  • Why should I complete an Honours program?

    Whatever the anticipated outcome, an Honours year is an immensely rewarding experience:

    • It offers an opportunity of working closely with teachers and students in small groups, quite unlike those that you will normally have encountered in your earlier years at university.
    • It opens up opportunities for further research in a postgraduate program or for professional practice in some disciplines.
    • Honours graduates have a well-recognised edge over students with a Bachelor degree: employers appreciate the advanced training in research and analysis.
    • An Honours degree is also a necessary qualification for anyone wishing to undertake postgraduate studies by research .
  • Can I do a Joint Honours program?

    A Joint Honours program can be created between departments within the School and with departments in other Schools in the Faculty of Arts, or other faculties in the University.

  • Is an Honours program completed on a full-time or part-time basis?

    Students normally complete their Honours course in one academic year of full-time study: ‘full-time study’ means that students should be able to commit at least five full working days per week to the completion of their Honours program.

    In exceptional circumstances students may enrol for Honours part-time.  Admission to the Honours Program (Part Time) is strictly limited to the following grounds:

    • students with care-giver responsibilities
    • students in greater than or equal to half-time employment
    • students with significant sickness or disability
    • compassionate grounds.

    Please note that in all circumstances, it should be clear that the student is unable to (rather than chooses not to) pursue Honours on a full-time basis.

    Both the Faculty of Arts and the relevant department must approve part-time enrolment.  To request this approval students must write to the Faculty Registrar (Faculty of Arts) no later than 31st March and provide details of the grounds on which the request is based.

    Part-time students must complete their Honours program over two consecutive academic years. Normally, the coursework component of the Honours program would be completed during the first year of part-time study and the research component would be completed during the second year.

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