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The Dr Ruby Davy Prize for Composition

Whereas the late Dr Ruby Davy has bequeathed to the University the sum of $600* to found a prize for the composition of music it is hereby provided as follows:

  1. There shall be an annual prize called ‘The Dr Ruby Davy Prize'.
  2. The value of the prize shall be $900 or such other amount as determined by the Director of the Elder Conservatorium.
  3. The prize shall be awarded on the recommendation of the Director of the Elder Conservatorium and normally shall be based on the results of the Composition courses in the undergraduate degree.
  4. The Elder Conservatorium shall from year to year:
    1. prescribe the nature of the competition for the ensuing year.
    2. prescribe the conditions that shall apply to the competition for that year.
  5. If in the opinion of the examiners at any competition no candidate submits a composition worthy of the award the prize shall lapse for that year; and the value of the prize for that year shall be added to the capital of the endowment.
  6. These rules may be varied from time to time but the title and general purpose of the prize shall not be changed.

* Increased in 1973, by capitalisation of accumulated income, to $1,000.

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