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The Karen Halley Trust

Karen Elizabeth Halley, a special entry student to the University of Adelaide, died in 1986 and by her Will dated 3 November 1984 bequeathed her overseas estate to the University to be administered according to the following Rules:

  1. The Fund shall be known as ‘The Karen Halley Trust'.
  2. The value of the fund shall be an annual amount up to $3,000.
  3. Those eligible to apply for support from the Karen Halley Trust are women students enrolled in a Graduate Diploma, Graduate Certificate or Master of Arts in women's studies or a Ph.D. in gender studies in the Department of Gender Studies and Social Analysis.
  4. Income in the above investment shall be made available on an annual basis to the Department of Gender Studies and Social Analysis for distribution to women postgraduate students in the discipline of gender studies who demonstrate financial need, to further their research and/or coursework needs by defraying study expenses, such as student union fees, conference or research travel, research costs, books, to have a thesis bound (for non-scholarship students), to obtain childcare in order to pursue their study or research etc.
  5. Financial need may be demonstrated by any of the following:
    1. Eligibility to receive Austudy or Abstudy
    2. Receipt of a Centrelink or Department of Veterans Affairs benefit or allowance which is income and asset tested, other than the Family Payment
    3. A Health Care Card
    4. Explanation in writing of financial circumstances by providing a confidential letter explaining the difficulties in funding the projected research or expenses without access to external funds, such as provided by the Karen Halley Trust
  6. The amount for which students may apply is determined from year to year, usually up to $1,000. In their application, applicants should explain how they propose to spend the money, indicating how these expenditures will contribute to their study.
  7. Generally speaking, the Trust will reimburse expenses, for example childcare, travel or accommodation expenses. If a student successfully applies for equipment or infrastructure (for example a computer, transcriber), the Trust will provide such equipment or infrastructure for the period of the student's candidature after which time the equipment or infrastructure will be returned to the Department of Gender Studies and Social Analysis and be available for other students in financial need.
  8. The committee for allocating the Trust funds comprises the Convenor Department of Gender Studies and Social Analysis, a representative of the teaching staff and the postgraduate student representative on the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science's higher degrees committee.
  9. Students who receive support from the Trust will be expected to acknowledge that support in their theses and other publications which have been produced at least in part as a result of the support from the Karen Halley Trust.
  10. All information supplied will remain confidential to the Karen Halley Trust committee and applications will be shredded following the announcement of the successful applicant or applicants.

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