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The Brian Elliott Prize for Australian Literary Studies

Whereas the sum of $1,000 has been paid by private subscription to the University for the purpose of providing a prize in Australian Literary Studies in honour of Brian Robinson Elliott, M.A.(W.Aust.), D.Litt., D.Univ., a member of the staff of the Department of English Language and Literature from 1940 and Reader in Australian Literature from 1961 until his retirement in 1975, the following rules are hereby made:

  1. The prize shall be known as "The Brian Elliott Prize for Australian Literary Studies".
  2. So long as the fund and the income thereof suffice for the purpose, the value of the prize shall be $400 or otherwise determined by the Faculty.
  3. The prize shall be awarded to the candidate with the best results in Australian literary studies courses at Advanced Level.
  4. If the examiners deem that two or more candidates are of equal merit, the prize shall be divided equally amongst the candidates.
  5. If in any particular year, the examiners consider that no candidate is suitable for the prize, then no award shall be made.
  6. These rules may be varied from time to time by the Faculty but the title and purpose shall not be changed.
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