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The Pauline Price Scholarship

The Council having accepted a gift of $2,350 from the family of Lady Kitty Pauline Price for the purpose of establishing a scholarship to commemorate her services to the University and to its affiliated Colleges, especially St. Mark's College and St. Ann's College, the following rules are hereby made:

  1. The scholarship shall be called "The Pauline Price Scholarship", shall be tenable for one year, and shall be open to candidates who have completed the undergraduate degree in Geography studies at the University of Adelaide.
  2. The value of the award shall be $1600, unless otherwise determined by the Faculty of Arts, but will not exceed the income derived during the preceding calendar year from the investment of the said sum of $2,350.
  3. The scholarship shall be available for award each year to a candidate who will proceed during its tenure to the final year's work for the course Honours in Geography or in such other course or courses as the Faculty in consultation with a representative of the donors may from time to time approve, bearing in mind that the general intention of the donors is that the scholarship should normally be held for studies for geography.
  4. The scholarship may be held in the University of Adelaide or the Flinders University of South Australia.
  5. The scholarship be awarded by the Faculty of Arts after consultation with the Head of the Department of Geography, Environment and Population.
  6. The scholarship shall be awarded on the merit of the candidate's previous academic records in geography.
  7. If no award be made in any year an additional award may be made in a subsequent year provided that there is an additional candidate of sufficient merit in that year.
  8. These rules may be varied by the Faculty from time to time but the title and general purpose of the scholarship shall not be changed.
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