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The Mary Elizabeth Baker Scholarship


  • Mary Elizabeth Baker died on 20 August 2009 and by her Will bequeathed $100,000 to the University of Adelaide:

    “….I give $100,000 to the University of Adelaide to be applied for the purposes of the Elder Conservatorium, School of Performing Arts and I declare that the receipt of the authorised officer of the University for the time being will be a full release of my Trustees.”

  • The University accepted the donations upon the trusts specified by the donors and the donations therefore became the capital subject to those trusts (‘capital sum’).

The following rules are hereby made:

  1. The Scholarship shall be known as “The Mary Baker Scholarship”.

  2. Recipients must be Australian citizens/New Zealand citizens/permanent residents of Australia/holders of a permanent humanitarian visa undertaking study as a 7 March 2017 Commonwealth supported student and must remain enrolled on a full time basis in the approved program for which the scholarship was approved.

  3. The scholarship is tenable for the duration of each recipient’s degree and once the scholarship is awarded it shall not be offered again until the current scholarship has finished.

  4. A successful candidate will be awarded the scholarship based on the Elder Conservatorium of Music entry audition results.

  5. The Director of the Elder Conservatorium shall determine, in any given year, which instrument and/or area of study shall be the focus for the scholarship.

  6. The annual value of the Scholarship is $5,000, payable in two instalments subject to confirmation of continuing eligibility after each of the census dates and recipient’s satisfactory academic progress.

  7. The scholarship must be taken up in the year in which it is offered; acceptance of the scholarship offer cannot be deferred. If a student declines the scholarship offer, the scholarship will be offered to the next eligible student.

  8. The scholarships shall be administered by the Elder Conservatorium of Music.

  9. No award shall be made if there is no candidate clearly worthy of an award.

  10. The scholarship will be terminated where:
    - a student ceases to be enrolled in the approved program of study at the University;
    - a student has provided false or misleading information with regard to their personal details;
    - a student has failed to maintain satisfactory academic progress for two consecutive semesters;
    - a student is guilty of serious misconduct in terms of the University Policy Rules for Student Conduct in the University.

  11. The University may vary the rules from time to time in a manner consistent with the University’s legal obligations and policies.

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