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The John F Kennedy Memorial Scholarships

Whereas the Australian-American Association in South Australia Incorporated raised by public subscription the sum of $3,888 which it has given to the University for the purpose of founding a scholarship in memory of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, President of the United States of America
from 1961 to 1963, the following rules are hereby made:

  1. There shall be four scholarships, each valued at $500 and each called "The John F Kennedy Memorial Scholarship". Two scholarships will be for students of History and two for students of Politics.
  2. The aim of the scholarships shall be to encourage studies in politics, international relations and history.
  3. A candidate for the scholarships shall be a student in the Faculty of Arts, who:
    1. has completed, or before taking up the scholarship will have completed, the work for the ordinary degree and is eligible for admission to the course for the Honours degree of Bachelor of Arts in either the Department of History or the Department of Politics, or in a combination of the two;
    2. undertakes that if awarded a scholarship the candidate will enrol as a student for the work of the final Honours year.
  4. Two candidates for a scholarship shall be nominated by both the Head of the Department of History, and the Head of the Department of Politics, having taken into consideration the candidates’ overall record in the respective discipline.
  5. Where candidates are of equal merit, the Head of either Department concerned shall make their recommendation taking into account financial need.
  6. A scholarship shall be tenable for the year that the holder is enrolled as a student for the work of the final Honours year. So long as the income from the fund suffices for the purpose, the value of each scholarship shall be $500 or such other amount as the Faculty shall in each case determine.
  7. The scholarships shall be offered for award annually; but no award shall be made if, in the opinion of the Faculty of Arts, no candidates are of sufficient merit.
  8. If in any year the scholarship be not awarded additional scholarships may, subject to these rules, be awarded in a subsequent year, provided that there are candidates who in the opinion of the Faculty of Arts are of sufficient merit.
  9. These rules may be varied from time to time by the Faculty, but the title and purpose of the scholarships shall not be changed.
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