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The Ethel Cooper Scholarship for Pianoforte


In 1982, a sum totalling $5,000 was donated to the University of Adelaide by Mrs Decie Denholm from the royalties of ‘Behind the Lines One Woman's War 1914-18 The Letters of Caroline Ethel Cooper’, Sydney, Collins, 1982, for the purpose of founding a scholarship for a student whose principal course is the piano.

Ethel Cooper (1871-1961) studied piano under Herr I.G. Reimann whose school was the genesis of the Elder Conservatorium and subsequently spent many years of her life studying music in Leipzig.

The following rules are hereby made:


  1. The Scholarship shall be known as “The Ethel Cooper Scholarship for Piano”.
  2. The Scholarship shall be awarded annually and is tenable for one year.
  3. The value of the Scholarship is $2,000 payable direct to the student.
  4. The Scholarship shall be awarded to a student of classical piano as a principal subject (Single Study) within the Elder Conservatorium of Music on the recommendation of the Director of the Elder Conservatorium.
  5. If, in the opinion of the Director of the Elder Conservatorium, there is no candidate enrolled for principal subject studies in the Elder Conservatorium of Music of sufficient merit, the scholarship may be awarded to a candidate for the degree of Bachelor of Music (Classical Performance) who is taking the piano as the Major Instrumental Study.
  6. If there is no suitable candidate in any given year, the scholarship shall lapse for that year and an additional scholarship may be awarded in the following year, provided that there are candidates of sufficient merit.
  7. The scholarship must be taken up in the year in which it is offered; acceptance of the scholarship offer cannot be deferred. If a student declines the scholarship offer, the scholarship will be offered to the next eligible student.
  8. The scholarships shall be administered by the Elder Conservatorium of Music.
  9. The scholarship will be terminated where:
    1. a studentĀ  ceases to be enrolled in the approved program of study at the University;
    2. a student has provided false or misleading information with regard to their personal details;
    3. a student has failed to maintain satisfactory academic progress for two consecutive semesters;
    4. a student is guilty of serious misconduct in terms of the University Policy Rules for Student Conduct in the University.
  10. Accumulated income after provision of the scholarship shall from time to time be added to the capital sum and the value of the scholarship increased by such amount as the Director of the Elder Conservatorium may determine.
  11. The rules of the Scholarship may be varied from time to time but the title and the purpose of the scholarship shall not be changed.
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