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Elder Scholarships Regulations

  1. Scholarships to be held at the Elder Conservatorium, and known as Elder Scholarships, shall be offered for competition among Australasian students of music.
  2. One scholarship shall for the present be awarded in each of the following: singing, pianoforte, violin, organ, violoncello.
  3. Should none of the candidates competing for a scholarship in any course show sufficient merit, or should there be no candidates, it may be left vacant until such time as the Director of the Elder Conservatorium shall direct, or the Director of the Elder Conservatorium may award it for another subject.
  4. A scholarship shall be tenable for three years, and shall entitle the holder to free tuition in one principal and one or more secondary courses to be approved by the Director of the Elder Conservatorium. Scholars taking violin as the principal course of study shall, unless exempted by the Director of the Elder Conservatorium, also study the viola. The period of tenure may be extended by the Director of the Elder Conservatorium, but a scholarship shall not be awarded a second time to the same student for the same principal course, and no person may hold more than one of the Elder Scholarships at the same time.
  5. These regulations may be varied from time to time.
    Regulations allowed 13 December, 1917.
    Amended: 2 December, 1926: 2; 21 December, 1972: 4.

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