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Constantinos Moraitis Travel Scholarship

The Constantinos Moraitis Travel Scholarship has been established from a generous donation by Mr Nick Galatis to the Department of Classics, Archaeology & Ancient History.  The purpose of the Scholarship is to support one early postgraduate student who is undertaking a research project in either Classics, Archaeology or Ancient History at the University of Adelaide (if no deserving candidate is available, an exceptional Honours student may be considered).

This is an endowed scholarship where the funds are held in the University’s Endowment Fund and the annual income distribution used to fund the scholarship.

The following rules are hereby made:

  1. The Scholarship shall be known as “The Constantinos Moraitis Travel Scholarship”.
  2. Recipients must be Australian citizens, New Zealand citizens or permanent residents of Australia undertaking study as a Commonwealth supported student and must remain enrolled on a full time basis in the approved program for which the scholarship was approved.
  3. The value of the Scholarship is $3,000, payable in one instalment (less the airfare which will be booked by the Faculty), direct to the student following confirmation of their research project. The total value of the scholarship shall not exceed the annual income distribution available from the Endowment Fund (as calculated once every three years).
  4. To be eligible for the Scholarship, the student must be a postgraduate student undertaking a research project on a Greek topic in either Classics, Archaeology or Ancient History at the University of Adelaide.  If there is no deserving postgraduate candidate, then an exceptional Honours student may be considered, at the discretion of the Selection Panel.
  5. One scholarship shall be awarded every three years to a postgraduate student undertaking a pre-determined research project on a Greek topic; where the intention is that the outcomes of the scholarship should enhance the student’s academic skills and contribute to his / her growth as an academic researcher and educator.
  6. The scholarship will be offered once every three years commencing in 2017 (then 2020 etc).
  7. The Scholarship will provide assistance with airfares and accommodation costs (to Athens, Greece) for a maximum duration of 4 weeks.
  8. The scholarship must be taken up in the year immediately following the year in which it is offered; acceptance of the scholarship offer cannot be deferred. If a student declines the scholarship offer, the scholarship will be offered to the next eligible student.
  9. The scholarship shall be administered by the Faculty of Arts at the University.
  10. Applications for the Scholarship should include:-
    • a statement outlining the proposed research project;
    • a brief statement of aims, methods of research (e.g. using specific research libraries, visiting sites or museums) and intended outcomesThe proposed travel should be confined to a time-frame not exceeding 4 weeks (usually in the first semester)
  11. Selection of the successful candidate will be made by a Selection Panel consisting of the Hughes Professor of Classics (Chair) (or nominee), up to three academic members of the department and Mr Nick Galatis (or his nominee), following a review of the applications.  Should the Selection Panel be unable to determine a successful candidate, the Chair of the Panel (or nominee) will make the final decision.
  12. The recipient must undertake to return to the University of Adelaide at the end of the period spent abroad and, within one month following their return, provide to the Selection Panel a written report of their research activities while abroad and present this at a public event to be determined by the Selection Panel.
  13. Should the recipient not proceed with the travel as planned, the scholarship will be forfeited and must be repaid to the University in full within three months from the date of planned travel, or as decided by the Selection Panel.
  14. Students in receipt of other University of Adelaide Scholarships may apply for this Scholarship.
  15. The scholarship will be terminated where:
    • a student ceases to be enrolled in the approved program of study at the University;
    • a student has provided false or misleading information with regard to their personal details;
    • a student is guilty of serious misconduct in terms of the University Policy Rules for Student Conduct in the University.
  16. The University may vary the rules from time to time in a manner consistent with the University’s legal obligations and policies.

Rules approved by Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor & Vice President (Research) 21 August 2017

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